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Awareness Resources

Really? Scenarios

Click to learn more about a particular Really? scenario that you’ve seen highlighted on campus with the following resources.

You want to learn more about truth and reconciliation, but fear of seeming ignorant or offensive stops you.

Are you really ok with this? You can change the script.

You can:

A woman you have a crush on approaches you at a party and asks you to go upstairs with her. She is really drunk. You aren't.

Are you really ok with this? You can change the script.
You can:

  • Educate yourself about consent. No one can give consent under the influence, even if they want to.
  • Try telling your crush that you like them before they are drunk. Then you can both set healthy boundaries about what you do or do not want.
  • Accept rejection graciously. Never try to coerce someone into any type of sexual activity.
  • Tell her not right now. Get her number and call her tomorrow. This will be better some other time.

You are in a group on Imagine Day. During introductions, one of the participants says he's from Toronto. Your group leader seems unconvinced; 'Yeah, but where are you really from?' Something about the comment feels wrong.

Are you really ok with this? You can change the script.
You can:

  • Question the leader. "What do you mean? He said he's from Toronto."
  • Approach your leader at lunch and tell him that the situation was uncomfortable.
  • Try to address the assumption. "What makes you think he's not from Toronto?"
  • Educate yourself about identity. Physical attributes such as skin colour or an accent might inform you of someone's background, but they don't define the person's identity. 


Active Witnessing Resources

Download these educational tools to share with your community.

  • Active Witnessing Triangle: depicts the steps towards being able to show empathy and support for others experiencing discrimination, harassment or stereotyping.
  • Anti-Discrimination Responses: eleven potential response strategies for discriminatory and stigmatizing situations. 

UBC Campus Resources

Connect with these programs and organizations at UBC Vancouver for additional support and education.

Sexual Assault Support Centre
SASC provides female, male, and trans survivors of sexual assault, as well as their friends, family members, and partners, with caring, non-judgmental emotional, medical, and legal support. SASC also offers Anti-Violence Ally training workshops.
Tel: 604.827.5180
Email: sasc@ams.ubc.ca

Aboriginal Initiatives
Aboriginal Initiatives at the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology provides workshops, supports research, and collaborates with groups across campus to facilitate education and discussion on Aboriginal topics.
Email: amy.perreault@ubc.ca

Indigenous Foundations
Indigenous Foundations is an information resource on key topics relating to the histories, politics, and cultures of the Aboriginal peoples of Canada.

Global Lounge
The Global Lounge facilitates interdisciplinary, collaborative connections between and among globally-focused students, faculty, staff, alumni, student groups and organizations, and university programs and services.
Tel: 604.827.4774
Email: global.lounge@ubc.ca

Pride UBC
Pride UBC Collective is an AMS resource group that offers educational and social services dealing with sexual and gender diversity to the UBC community, including but not limited to students, staff, and faculty.
Email: prideubc@gmail.com

The Positive Space Campaign
The Positive Space Campaign offers education, resources, and training about some of the resources for and issues affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, questioning, transgender, transexual, gender-variant, two-spirit and intersex (LGBQTTI) students, staff and faculty.
Email: donna.lester-smith@ubc.ca

Counselling Services
UBC Counselling Services offers free, confidential, short-term counselling for students.
Tel: 604.822.3811

AMS Safewalk
Safewalk is a free walking service that has your safety in mind. Phone them, visit the Safewalk office in the SUB concourse, or look for walkers around campus.
Tel: 604.822.5355 (walk line)
Tel: 604.822.2181 (administration)
Email: safewalk@ubc.ca

Campus Security
Campus Security provides 24/7 vehicle, bicycle, and foot patrols.
Tel: 604.822.2222

UBC Student Health Center
The UBC Student Health Center is a primary care clinic on the UBC Vancouver campus where family doctors and registered nurses provide care for individuals and groups.
Tel: 604.822.7011
Email: student.health@ubc.ca

The Red Book
The Red Book offers an online directory of local services. Use its search function to locate and learn about human services available on the Lower Mainland.

For details on Okanagan specific resources please contact Jenica Frisque jenica.frisque@ubc.ca or visit www.equity.ok.ubc.ca.


Request Awareness Resources

We can provide you with Really? awareness resources to share with your community, whether for student housing, your campus department, or your AMS club office. Available resources include scenario response cards, posters, buttons, and digital signage. Contact us at cj.rowe@ubc.ca to request resources or for more information.


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